The Residence, in partnership with Naomi Joy Living, are proud to introduce two signature scents creating a luxury atmosphere that signifies The Residence brand.  

The Residence team have worked with Naomi to choose the perfect scents to accompany the overall package that is presented to its guests. The idea is to create an olfactory memory that, when presented again, can trigger nostalgia and a craving to visit the apartments again.

When crafting signature scents, we must think about the desired atmosphere or feeling we are trying to create for the brand experience. Not only does NJ Living offer divine fragrances, but also words with POWER. Each diffuser features an empowering mantra to add a pop of positivity to your home away from home.

The Residence’s empowering words and accompanying scents are “Unapologetically You,” a rich and decadent fragrance of jasmine and patchouli, and “Namastayin,” a warming sandalwood and amber to restore a sense of calm. As part of Naomi’s Onyx collection, inspired by the Black Onyx Stone, these two scents and sayings transform negative energy and infuse your home with feel-good vibes. Each scent ignites a feeling of personal power, ideal for creating an atmosphere that is conducive to work, creativity, and a touch of fun.

The diffusers will be displayed throughout our apartments, welcoming guests immediately with subtle nods of the scent. The aroma is not designed to create too much attention, but guests will be aware that the fragrance is present.

With two new locations announced in mid-2020, The Residence are on the rise and not ready to stop there. The brand is focused on delivering outstanding service to its guests, as well as luxury apartments in London’s most desirable hot spots. The Residence is proud to be partnering with up and coming small businesses, run by incredibly passionate and inspirational entrepreneurs like Naomi, to deliver an enhanced experience that we deem worthy for our clients.

To learn more about Naomi Joy Living and what makes the brand so special, visit the website.

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