Our ESG Vision

The Residence ESG vision is outlined by Four key principles:

• Develop and manage our premium services in a sustainable way.
• Protect environment and support communities within which we operate.
• Benefit interests of our employees, partners, students, clients, and our shareholders, in a sustainable way.
• Incorporate ESG matters into all investment, procurement, recruitment, and decision-making processes within the company.

We are proud to announce that we are working with Planet Mark to measure our carbon footprint and have a positive impact on planet and society. Through the Planet Mark Business Certification, we will be measuring and reducing our carbon footprint to ensure that we are embedding sustainability into our business practices.

Committing to achieving Planet Mark Business Certification demonstrates our dedication to sustainability. We are excited to start reducing our carbon emissions to help create a planet that is fit for us and future generations.

Our Environment Policies

Across The Residence, we acknowledge that our business activities have impact on environment.
In response, we encourage simple innovative approaches to create sustainable solutions in maintaining, managing, and monitoring energy use and carbon footprint of our own operation and those within supply chain. We also aim at reducing and monitoring waste within our operation.

Our Social Policies

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion: We pride ourselves on our diverse range of employees. This inclusive environment is also reflected in our facilities, academic programmes, and other services.
We provide a safe and fair environment to staff members and provide equal opportunities for progress.
Employee Health and Wellbeing: We are committed to maintaining a healthy and fair environment, providing resources for physical health and mental wellbeing to our employees and work life balance.
Education: Raising cultural awareness and encouraging our students to involve in our sustainable practices while providing a range of resources for safety and wellbeing during their education abroad here in the UK. We have also launched our new initiative; The Lizzie Lowy Culture Abroad Grant, aiming at supporting the students towards their Education in the UK.
Philanthropy and Community Engagement: We endeavour to take part in different charity and social initiatives, such as donating to Just One Tree, to encourage both staff, students, and client to give back to the community and environment.

Our Governance and Company Policies

Decision making – We aim at basing our decisions on long-term company social and environmental sustainability principles.
Purpose and Values – We strive to build loyalty, to provide opportunities for growth, to make everyone feel welcome and we support health and wellbeing therefore we encourage people to be themselves.
Transparency – We are highly committed to increase trust with our staff, partners, and the community within which we operate.

COVID-19 Cleaning Policy for Apartments

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