The Residence are committed to sustainable development as a guiding principle within our practices. Concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of the business and its employees.

Our aim is to reduce the impact on the environment from our operations and identify and provide appropriate training, advice, and information for staff to enhance their future opportunities and initiatives. With this focus at the forefront, we will endeavour to do the following across all buildings/apartments.

Energy reduction

PIR’s – Motion sensors for lights
Energy saving switches – dimming lights
Led lighting throughout the building
AC Master controller
70% of vehicles are hybrid
Gas clamps
Bulk ordering goods to save on transport emissions

Water conservation

Aerated shower heads and taps
Eco flush on all toilets

Sustainable materials

Reusable cloths and mop heads
Work with local authorities for recycling and food waste

Staff awareness

Seek appropriate training for staff

The Residence are partnered with Just One Tree, a non-profit community interest company removing CO2 from the atmosphere through global reforestation. For every new booking we receive, we will be donating one tree to support reforestation projects.

The Residence are also in partnership with Tourism Alliance and British Education Travel Association, which help to drive, evaluate, and elevate travel and tourism’s role in cultural understanding.

For more information on how we strive to keep the health and safety across our sites in check, please download the cleaning policy for our accommodation.