The Residence is proud to announce their new partnership with Soapsmith, to enhance our guests’ stay with luxury artisanal soaps and smells. Soapsmith is created and inspired by Samantha Jameson and her drive to take her kitchen table hobby to the high streets! 

Who doesn’t like to smell their best? We have been drawn to Soapsmith’s variety of smells that are named after areas in London, coincidentally close to or within each of our building’s locations. These fragrances are a reminder of people, places, and memories of London.   You will find the Brick Lane scent at our Tower Hill and Shoreditch locations, the Hackney scent at Hoxton and the Marble Arch scent at Kensington and Marylebone.

Soapsmith’s products are recyclable, vegan friendly, cruelty free, and are composed of natural ingredients, ticking the important boxes for The Residence sustainability movement. We are determined to provide our residents with the best services to help tailor their stay in their home away from home. Working with local businesses like Soapsmith, based in Walthamstow, makes our guest’s visit to London personal.  With this sensory experience, we hope to lift the nose, the soul, and the room. Enjoy!

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