As one of our recent partnerships at The Residence, Jack from Gibbs Training, has been offering our guests in-house personal training sessions to help keep their routine in check when living away from home. Jack may already be a familiar face to some of our guests and partners, but we thought what better way to get to know Jack than asking a few questions about himself?!

What is your favourite sport? 

– My favourite sport is rugby. I use to play for Bedford Blues but due to numerous concussions I had to retire. I still enjoy watching rugby though!

Most dreaded workout exercise?

– My least favourite exercises would be a ‘devils press’…it is a combination of burpee and overhead dumbbell press…very appropriately named exercise!

What do you like to do in London in your spare time?

– One of my favourite things to do in London is to go and get food from places like Whole Foods & Daylesford and then make a nice dinner. My girlfriend & I are big foodies!

What is your go to treat meal?

– My go to treat meal would be steak & Chips from Entrecôte. If you haven’t been before and you’re not a vegan / vegetarian then I’d highly recommend it! There is no menu…you show up and get serviced a green salad, a glass of red wine & steak and chips.

What are you watching, reading or listening to at the moment?

– I am currently re watching the whole series of ‘Suits’. I am also a regular listener of the ‘Rich Roll Podcast’ & other fitness/lifestyle podcasts.

What has helped you overcome the lockdown blues?

– Fitness has really helped me combat lockdown blues because it has given me routine and structure to my days. I also cannot get enough of the endorphin rush!

What would you like to achieve in 2021?

– My goal in 2021 is to open more Clubhouse Gyms. I currently own one gym in Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

If you would like to meet Jack and begin your personal training sessions when staying at The Residence, send your enquiry to and we will get you started.

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