The Residence is proud to announcement their partnership with Weezy, a supermarket app that will deliver groceries from a local store to your apartment in minutes. Weezy allows clients to receive what they want ,when they need it. It is important to us that we partner with companies that will support our clients and their busy lifestyles. Weezy is convenient, fast, and easy to use from the comfort of our apartments, allowing guests to live life on their terms. 

For clients who have not visited London before, Weezy is a viable option for grocery shopping. We understand that our guests may not be familiar with their surroundings or what grocery store is nearby. We chose this partnership to remove this hassle and help you save time by providing a convenient grocery delivery service.

Say goodbye to long lines, by using Weezy your groceries will be delivered in less than 15 minutes. Weezy riders are friendly and provide an excellent customer service experience. We want our guests to feel at ease during their stay at our locations and having your groceries delivered by a friendly face will help ensure just that.

Weezy provides a variety of expertly selected products. The app is simple – just download the app, find the nearest store near you, and choose the products you would like to purchase and place your order.

The app is great to use during these trying times with the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Weezy was established during the pandemic crisis to assist people with their groceries when they were unable to leave their homes. The Residence wants to ensure that our clients are healthy and safe during their stay at our locations. Our partnership with Weezy will help our clients to order and receive their groceries for those that may need to quarantine.

The Residence likes to partner with UK based and is delighted to partner and support small businesses. Weezy is located in London and is a company that is new to the market who would like to assist clients with their impeccable products and excellent service. Our brand is focused on providing the best for our clients and we are proud to partner with Weezy to offer our clients a great experience.

All Residence guests will receive 50% off their first Weezy order with us. There is a special code that will be seen in the Welcome Packs! Weezy will be servicing our Hoxton and Shoreditch locations and will soon be live with Tower Hill and Marylebone Lane, so keep an eye out!

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