Quality of Living
The Residence offers a luxurious quality of living for business travellers. Serviced apartments tend to offer more space than your average hotel room. This instantly gifts guests with the ability to work, rest and cook in a homely setting, which is key to their appeal. Beyond being simply a place to sleep and shower, our apartments are virtually tailor made for business travellers – with ample room to unpack, prepare your work station, cook meals, and enjoy the feeling of a great work and home environment to get your mindset peaceful and focused. Everything adds up to give the best experience for our customer’s stay. 

Serviced apartments equal furnished apartments. The ability to walk into your apartment and be completely set up for your stay is an amazing feeling. Removing the need to constantly eat out or buy accessories and appliances to satisfy your stay. Each apartment has a detailed list of amenities that include the likes of fully equipped kitchens, fresh linen, and welcome packs to get you on your feet with lovely foods and PPE. For business travellers, the weekly housekeeping and linen service is a blessing, factoring support and service into their busy lifestyles. With onsite conveniences across some of our locations, such as the gym, pool and lounges, you may not even need to leave the premises to keep a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Privacy & Health
Business travellers do not want to top off a long day of work with the impersonal comings and goings of a hotel building and foyer. Hotels don’t offer the complete home-from-home experience we crave when travelling for business. When compared to hotels, where people are constantly moving in and out, serviced apartments accommodate longer stays. This allows others to become neighbours, not strangers. With less turnaround of rooms within our buildings, this reduces the number of interactions between others, making it a healthier and more private environment to live in. 

Each of our locations is equally as important as its amenities, the conveniences and experiences on your doorstep are what make your stay memorable and effortless. Our properties are purposefully surrounded by shopping, dining, and cultural experiences, paired with excellent access to transport and open space. Each of our locations has various reasons why they are “the place to be” in London. Guest’s welcome packs will include a list of dining and cultural activities to explore in the area.

Cost effective
The longer the stay, the cheaper the nightly rate. For your standard hotel, the cost is usually much higher when compared to serviced apartments, as their market is focused on nightly or weekly stays. Serviced apartments are financially smarter for the short-term residency of a business traveller, as they provide you with home essentials at lower nightly rates. 

Serviced apartments understand that business travellers may need to leave their pets behind for long periods of time. It is not unusual to request their companions accompany them for their stay – well it is a home away from home isn’t it? At The Residence we try to meet the needs of our guests and welcome a pet-friendly community. In saying this, we know our furry friends can make a little mess, that is why we ask for a larger deposit.

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